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With cryptocurrencies consistently disrupting the status quo in all areas of life, we’re proud to say we’ve been a part of the rise, and we always look for new ways to make it simple and efficient for businesses to adopt crypto. With the entirety of our team fully invested in the success of digital currencies, we’re always happy to share our passion and expertise—simply reach out to learn more.

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NjordX Finance is an OTC cryptocurrency trader that enables our clients to trade fiat and digital currencies.
Yes. In order to use our trading services, clients must first complete the onboarding process by providing us with the documentation we require. Once the information has been verified and approved, our clients can begin trading.
All of our clients are fully vetted prior to being approved. In order to do so, we require a piece of government-issued identification, a detailed description of business activities, a proof of residence and both Income and Account Statements.
Once verified and approved, trades can be initiated via an initial email request. Once requested, an exchange and value date will be provided by NjordX Finance alongside the necessary Order and Transfer forms. Once all of the documentation has been signed and submitted, NjordX Finance will carry out the transaction upon receipt of the necessary funds. Receipts are then delivered with every order.
In order for any trade to be processed, both an Order and Transfer form need to be signed and submitted.

An Order Form details every aspect of the requested order, including the contract number, rates and fees, date and time of the contract acceptance as well as the currencies traded.

The Transfer Form details the recipient’s payment details, including bank account numbers or digital wallet addresses where the traded funds will be deposited once the funds have been received and the transaction is processed.
All payment instructions for every accepted fiat and digital currency will be communicated to the client on the Order Form. Please note that for all orders, payment must be received by the Balance Due Date indicated on each individual Order Form.
The earliest date that funds will be transferred to the client account is indicated by the Value Date of the specified transaction.
The rates utilized are governed by the exchanges with which each individual transaction is carried out. Every exchange that we use meets our unique organizational and regulatory requirements.
NjordX Finance currently only accepts bank transfers when accepting fiat currencies for the purpose of a trade.
Currently, NjordX Finance facilitates trades of BTC, ETH, EUR, USDT. However, we are always looking for opportunities to take on new currencies in order to meet demand.
Asset custody services are a service in which the provider agrees to securely hold assets for its clients. NjordX Finance’s custody services hold digital assets for clients in order to securely safeguard them.
No. Currently, NjordX Finance is only capable of storing the following cryptocurrencies as part of our custody services—bitcoin, bitcoin cash, USDt and bitcoin SV. Please look for any announcements from us in order to learn about new currency options that may be offered in the future.
Our custody services are offered for various clients with different requirements. For full information about our services including pricing, minimum deposits and more, please contact our team.
Yes. Our storage services leverage modern and secure digital wallet architectures in order to safely store asset information. Rather than utilizing individual private keys to decrypt material, our services use a decentralized computing infrastructure to eliminate the likelihood of breaches, key loss or human error.
Yes. All of our services comply with Estonian financial regulations, including the Money Laundering and Terrorism Finance Prevention Act.


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